$700K+ ROI

Making a good first impression, online, on the first day, is critical for attracting buyer interest and increasing ROI.


Case Study: 1990’s Custom Contemporary

When the seller of a 1990s custom contemporary waterfront home asked us to list his home, our first step was to do a thorough market analysis. During the analysis, we like to establish the unusual and unique qualities of the property. We learned that the home is built on one of the highest natural grades on Siesta Key and that it is affectionately called “Selby on Siesta” because of its sublime native landscape.

The initial market analyis suggested a list price of $3,200,000. The price took into account the appearance of the home which was somewhat outdated.


After a comprehensive, in-person evaluation of the property, we determined that with the proper updates, the home could sell at a higher price — possibly $3,500,000. We provided the seller with a list of recommendations that included landscaping, painting, deep cleaning and staging. The seller followed all recommendations at a total cost of approximately $100,000. When the work was complete, the updated home looked much better than anticipated. A final market analysis in its new condition suggested a list price of $3,995,000. The home went on the market at that price, and sold in 7 days above list price at $4,072,000.

The seller’s $100,000 investment resulted in a sale price $872,000 above the original suggested list price — a gain of $772,000.

Before & After

Knowing the details that matter to buyers, we make recommendations and assist in transforming homes from glum to glam. Small details make a big difference, and we take the guesswork out of how to maximize your dollars for the greatest impact. Here are “Before & After” photos that show how this seller’s $100,000 investment netted him $772,000.

It takes just a quick glance, maybe three seconds, for someone to evaluate your home when seen for the first time. In this short time, a buyer forms an opinion based on appearance, tidyness, spaciousness and emotional connection.

When you list with us, we provide recommendations and an action plan specific to your home to create a favorable first impression – and we help execute the to-do list.

The huge popularity of HGTV shows has heightened buyer expectations amplifying the importance of making a property as welcoming and appealing as possible.

We have a clear sense of what buyers want, and work with vetted vendors to transform kitchens, baths, landscape or entire homes in order to decrease days on market and increase ROI.

Visual merchandising that draws on the fundamentals of interior design and current design trends give the impression of an up-to-date and well-maintained home.

Knowing the details that matter to buyers, we help select colors and finishes. Small details make a big difference, and we take the guesswork out of how to maximize your dollars for the greatest impact.

Spotless windows and a thorough house cleaning set the stage for picture-perfect photography.

HDR photography captures otherwise lost details extending the tonal range to mimic what the eye can see. Add the discerning eye of our in-house graphic designer who personally selects and crops each photo for maximum appeal.

Good staging turns unusual spaces into usable rooms, highlighting lifestyle dreams.

With our team of professionals, we get your home “magazine ready” with a designer look that inspires luxury. What shade of white should you paint on the wall? We know!

According to the National Association of Realtors®, 93% of people use the internet during their home search. That means your home really needs to stand out online.

A throw blanket. An open book. A working fireplace. “Emotional” staging creates a je ne sais quoi ambiance that makes your home look significantly better than the rest.

Furniture affects the view, visual flow and connection to surrounding spaces. Dark walls and blocky furniture are visual dead ends.

We simplify and streamline furniture arrangement for better traffic flow, accentuate spaciousness and open the views.

Waterfront homes are all about the view. Research shows that the best performing photos are of spectacular views.

We personally direct the photographers to capture the best views in every room.

Scale, light and movement. When well orchestrated, these spacial concepts create a cozy, Zen-like retreat.

Furniture that is streamlined allows light and air to flow not just over but also under and around it, creating a sense of spaciousness and a natural connection to the outdoors.

When you have a large home, decorating every room can be a challenge. Some rooms are delegated to the practical instead of the pretty, which is less than ideal when you’re trying to capture a buyer’s imagination.

Fortunately, we’ve got an abundance of visual tricks to magically transform the look and feel of your space.

Light. Light. Light. This office has a full-wall window feature that makes working at home a delight.

We choose the right time of day for photography to allow natural light to fill the space. We also direct the photographer to get the right angle for accentuating the focal feature of a space.

The epic scenery of a waterfront location inspires beauty, mystery and fascination. What story does the scenery tell? What feelings may it spark in buyers’ hearts?

Inspired location, staging, photography and post-production happily convene to elevate the perceived value and elicit higher offers for your home.

Work With Us

The Laughlin Tanner Group stands out as an exceptional team, leveraging their diverse backgrounds and ample expertise to offer a genuine perspective honed through years of success. They are readily available to provide valuable market insights making their wealth of knowledge accessible to you.