Clean Water Is Sweeter Than Sugar

Clean Water Is Sweeter Than Sugar

Big Sugar is suing over a critical Everglades restoration project, the EAA Reservoir, threatening the project and the future of South Florida’s waters. This lawsuit aims to allow the sugar industry to hoard public water for their personal profit -- at the expense of the taxpayers. If successful, it threatens more harm for Florida's communities, economy, and environment.

Captains For Clean Water, a grassroots nonprofit organization that fights to restore and protect Florida's water resources, is urging Florida residents to take action by petitioning Big Sugar to drop the lawsuit against EAA Reservoir.

How does Big Sugar's lawsuit over the EAA Reservoir threaten Florida's water quality? 

Big Sugar is suing over the use of a critical restoration project, the EAA Reservoir. Essentially, they want all of the water in the reservoir for themselves. They claim they are owed a specific amount of public water for irrigation from Lake Okeechobee and that the EAA Reservoir could serve exclusively to fulfill that demand -- rather than what the project was designed to do.

Captains for Clean Water produced a video that explains the EAA Reservoir project and the Big Sugar lawsuit to hoard its water:

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