Florida 2030: The Blueprint to Secure Florida’s Future

Florida 2030: The Blueprint to Secure Florida’s Future

Florida is now the third most populous state and by 2030, 26 million Floridians will call Florida home and 1.5 million more jobs will be needed. To prepare for this continued growth and ensure Florida remains successful, the Florida Chamber Foundation has released the blueprint for Florida’s future — Florida 2030. This two-year research program engaged business and community leaders in each of Florida’s 67 counties and identified key trends and the factors that drive their regional economies. Florida 2030 is our opportunity to work together to strengthen our communities, business and future.

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Florida is preparing for a time of unprecedented change. By 2030, we will be home to 26 million residents and one of the most diverse populations in the world. Technology and innovation are disrupting every industry and community. Our markets for goods, services, and ideas—and our competition for talent, customers, investment, and market share—are becoming global at an accelerated pace.

Florida can take advantage of these trends and become the leading U.S. state in the 21st century—a place marked by global competitiveness, prosperity, and vibrant and resilient communities. But to achieve that vision in just 12 years will require bold targets, thoughtful strategies, and a commitment to action.

Florida 2030 offers a strategic blueprint for achieving Florida’s potential. It defines goals and strategies to guide private, public, and civic partners as they work together to shape Florida’s economic future. Led by the Florida Chamber Foundation and based on three years of research and input from more than 10,000 Floridians, this initiative lays out a path for the transformation of Florida into a top 10 global economy that attracts and retains talent at all ages and provides a path to prosperity for every community in the state.

This blueprint is organized around the Six Pillars of Florida’s Future Economy. It is designed to be bold, not incremental. The focus is on achieving targets that would transform Florida by 2030—such as ensuring all 3rd graders can read at grade level or providing connectivity to all residents of Florida. This blueprint identifies the state we want to be in 2030, and then explores strategies that will help us get there.

Florida 2030: Key Targets & Strategies

Below is a flip book of the Florida 2030: Key Targets & Strategies handbook. Click here to view it full-screen.

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