Florida is the Top Home Search Destination

Florida is the Top Home Search Destination

More Americans dream of moving to Florida than any other state, and a high percentage of Florida residents won’t search for a home elsewhere.

According to Move Meter, a tool designed by Coldwell Banker to show Americans’ moving goals, Florida is not only a top destination searched by out-of-staters, but few Floridians are looking for a new home beyond the state’s borders.
  • The average Move Meter search covered 1,015 miles.
  • 82% of searches were for a move out of state.
  • About 13% of all searchers looked within a driving distance of 100-miles from their origin destination.
  • The highest proportion of moves being considered was somewhere between 500 to 1,500 miles away (42%).
  • Midwesterners and Northeasterners are looking for warmer temps in the Southeast.
  • Southeasterners, Southwesterners and Westerners all had higher likelihoods of staying local to their respective regions

Where to move?

The #1 state topping the Move Meter interest index was Florida with one out of seven of all Move Meter searches looking to move to the Sunshine State.
  • The top states looking to soak up the Florida sun included New Jersey, California, New York, Illinois, Ohio and Massachusetts.
  • The Florida cities that hold the most interest are Sarasota, Miami, Naples and Tampa.
  • Floridians also see the state’s appeal, and it’s one of the top states for residents searching for other metro areas within their home state.
  • The other top states Floridians searched were North Carolina and Tennessee.
  • Austin, Texas, was the most-searched city destination with 46% more searches than the next closest destination.
  • The top 10 searched cities included:

– Austin, Texas
– Sarasota, Florida
– San Diego, Californai
– Denver, Colorado
– Nashville, Tennessee
– Tampa, Florida
– New York
– Naples, Florida
– Charlotte, North Carolina
– Seattle, Washington.

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