Florida Realtors: 100+ Years of Legislative Victories & Milestones

Florida Realtors: 100+ Years of Legislative Victories & Milestones

For more than 100 years, Florida Realtors, the state's largest trade association, has been working to meet the needs of the real estate community and Florida homeowners. The Laughlin Tanner Group has been a member of Florida Realtors for over 30 years, proudly supporting an organization that looks out for the interests of our Sarasota luxury real estate clients. Here's a look at some of the association's most significant legislative victories and milestones. 

Milestone highlights include:


  • Created the Florida Real Estate Commission
  • Passed laws preventing state income and inheritance tax
  • Adopted the terms Real Estate Broker and Real Estate Salesperson


  • The legislature adopts the Homestead Exemption Act
  • Congress approves the Central Mortgage Discount Bank
  • FHA guarantees private mortgages
  • The nations first Savings and Loan is organized through the Miami Realty Board


  • Name change to Florida Association of Realtors
  • Realtors create a War Emergency Committee to help establish Florida's modern tax structure


  • Support formal education program
  • Construction of the Florida Turnpike
  • Formation of the Women's Association of Realtors


  • Pass the Condominium Act
  • The Uniform Land Sales Practices Act is signed into law
  • FAR celebrates its 50th anniversary


  • Land Conservation Act passes
  • Legislature enacts the Building Code Act
  • The Real Estate Recovery Fund is created
  • The Florida Housing Finance Law passes


  • Timesharing Act and Growth Management Act
  • Realtor-supported bill creates the Division of Real Estate


  • William E. Sdowski Affordable Housing Act enacted
  • Broker Price Opinion bill passed
  • Private Property Rights Act
  • Broker Relationship Disclosure Act


  • Florida Supreme Court repeals the sales tax on services
  • The legislature defeats a Transfer Tax
  • Florida Association of Realtors becomes Florida Realtors


  • Establishes Florida Realtors PAC
  • Repeals local business taxes
  • Stabilizes real estate market by containing flood insurance increases
  • Amendment 2 passes saving property owners and communities from a more than $700 million tax increase
  • Business Rent Tax is cut to 2%
  • Hometown Heroes Program is created

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