Homeowner Insurance in Florida Today

Homeowner Insurance in Florida Today

Having the right insurance is an important part of financial security. However, getting homeowner insurance in Florida can be challenging in the current environment. Numerous carriers have left the state entirely and others have placed restrictions limiting new business.

Insurance companies have been pounded nationwide with natural disasters, so they are making the business decision to mitigate risk. As a result, they now evaluate not only the home, but the customer as well. They investigate the person to be insured (including credit score, assets, risk factors, etc.) before they will provide a quote -- even on a moderately priced home. Risk analysis is not just tied to a property anymore, it is tied to a property AND a person. As a result, one person might easily get insurance on a house while another person might not be offered insurance. It's a new world!

Premier Concierge Insurance

If you are in need of insurance coverage, we'd like to recommend our in-house insurance broker, Premier Concierge Insurance (PCI). Premier Sotheby's International Realty formed this relationship because PCI's parent company, Gallagher, is one of the biggest insurance companies in the world. Together, they have the relationships and resources to provide all levels of coverage. In addition to providing homeowner insurance, their consultative asset management can assist with multiple lines of coverage -- home, condominium, valuable articles, renters and tenants, collections, auto, yacht, liability, cyber insurance, and more. From plans that cover the essentials to all-inclusive insurance, PCI offers risk assessment, cost estimates and multi-policy discounts. With a range of coverage available, it is paramount to find the ideal plan to suit your unique needs.

To request a complimentary insurance review and quote, go to:

You can expect acknowledgement of the request within one business day.

Overview of PCIs Consultative Approach

PCI will contact you for a discussion to uncover risks and exposures

Risk Analysis
PCI will identify potential coverage gaps, and adequacy of coverage limits and services

Carrier Options
PCI partners with the best insurance carriers in the market for a selection of quotes

PCI's recommendations make it easy and actionable to select a personal insurance plan

Continued service and advice is provided to ensure a strong insurance program over the long term.

Premier Concierge Insurance Services

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