How to Connect Sarasota County Water & Sewer

How to Connect Sarasota County Water & Sewer

You can apply for Sarasota County Utilities (water and sewer) service online using the Application for Water and/or Sewer Service.

What You Will Need to Start Sarasota Utilities Service

  • Proof of ownership:
    • Copy of deed, or
    • Copy of fully-signed settlement statement
  • Proof of identity:
    • Social security number, or
    • Two forms of identification which may include driver’s license, birth certificate, passport, other utility bill, or other approved form of identification.
  • The address of the home where you need service
  • The date you want service to start (at least 2-days notice required)

Because the application requires proof of ownership, we recommend you complete your application as soon as possible on the day of your closing.

The county requests two business days notice to activate your service.

Have questions? See Sarasota County Public Utilities Customer Service or call the Utility Billing and Customer Service Office at 941-861-6790.

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