Is Smart Sizing Right for You?

Is Smart Sizing Right for You?

By smart-sizing your living space, think of all the ways you can upscale your life.

Does your home match your lifestyle?

A large home is big and with it come big costs in terms of time, effort, money and safety. There was a time when the benefits of owning a big home far outweighed the costs, but now may be the time to ask yourself if that holds true today – especially for empty nesters and retirees. Transitioning out of a long-time home doesn’t have to mean extreme downsizing. Instead, it can mean finding a better fit for your current lifestyle – a smart-size home. By smart-siz­ing your living space, think about the many ways you can upscale your life. You can design spaces to indulge in your favorite pastimes and re-imagine ways to spend new-found time and money on activities that bring you pleasure. Plus, you can increase your investment potential by taking advantage of the substantial increase in your property’s value.

Property values are at an all-time high

2021-2022 have been two of the strongest years for real estate sales in Sarasota. With the natural economic principle of supply vs. demand, we witnessed a surge in real estate values beyond the imaginable. Homes in all price ranges were in high demand, yet the larger the sticker price, the bigger the increase in sales value. Demand is slowing, but is still strong. Supply has risen in the past two quarters, but still remains at 30% below pre-pandemic levels. Overall, average sold price has appreciated 74% since September 2019, and although we are starting to experience a market shift, the average price today is still 17% higher than it was one year ago. This is real demand, based on real money, by real people. It’s still a seller’s market, and history tells us that people want to live in beautiful locations like Sarasota. If smart-sizing is right for you, now may be the right time to cash in on your home’s equity while supply is still low, and prices are at an all-time high.

Selling at the top of the Value Range

Selling your long-time home is no small task. The work involves meticulous market research to price your house right (not too high, not too low), decluttering, getting the right inspections, making repairs, listing and marketing, handling legal documents, managing and attending showings, and negotiating with all parties. The Laughlin Tanner Group can manage all these tasks for you. In addition, selling with our group typically nets you more money than selling by owner, even after paying commission, based on the marketing, understanding of the current market and negotiating skill of our Real Estate advisors.

Sellers Who Sold to Smart Size

The LaughlinTanner Group represented the sellers of the homes pictured below who sold to smart size their lifestyle:

79% ROI

10/21: $6,275,000
4/17: $3,500,000

225% ROI

4/20: $4,900,000
10/13: $1,506,250

360% ROI

11/21: $3,700,000

90% ROI

6/22: $3,500,000
3/17: $1,847,500

237% ROI

11/20: $4,478,000
2/04: $1,300,000

126% ROI

8/18: $4,300,000
311/02: $1,900,000

Work With Us

The Laughlin Tanner Group stands out as an exceptional team, leveraging their diverse backgrounds and ample expertise to offer a genuine perspective honed through years of success. They are readily available to provide valuable market insights making their wealth of knowledge accessible to you.

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