Lido Beach Dunes Project

Lido Beach Dunes Project

Beach dunes are a vital part of beach habitats that provide many benefits. They provide natural coastal protection against storm surge and high waves, preventing or reducing coastal flooding and structural damage, as well as providing important ecological habitat.

With state and federal grant funds, the City of Sarasota is planning a dune construction project on Lido Beach. The goal is to offer protection from a 25-year storm by adding another layer of protection for the beach and adjacent properties in the area where new sand was added with the recent re-nourishment. 

Sand Dune Project Highlights

  • Continuous vegetated dune along 1.5 miles on Lido Beach
  • 25-30 ft. width
  • 2.6 ft. elevation
  • Timing of the project will coincide with the next renourishment of the beach, scheduled to begin winter 2024
  • Construction of the dunes is scheduled to begin in early 2025


City of Sarasota Engineer, Nikesh Patel, provided the following project update which appeared in the Lido Key Residents' Association newsletter:

We are pleased to provide this update on the upcoming installation of a continuous vegetated dune along the 1.5-mile stretch of Lido Key Beach. This significant initiative underscores our unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship, resilience, and safeguarding our treasured natural landscapes.

Project Overview: 

The proposed vegetated dune, with an anticipated width of 25 to 30 feet and an elevation of approximately 2.6 feet (6.6 feet NAVD 88), is designed to bolster our coastline's defenses against storm surges, targeting protection from 10-year to 25- year storm events. This initiative is crucial for protecting upland properties and infrastructure, stabilizing beach sand to reduce erosion, and revitalizing habitats critical for shorebird and marine turtle nesting.

Community Input and Design Refinement:

In 2022 and 2023, through comprehensive public outreach, we gathered invaluable insights from neighboring property owners. This collaborative process enabled us to refine the project's design, focusing on dune planting types and crossover access locations. We are grateful for the community's active engagement, which has been instrumental in aligning the project with local needs and preferences. Originally scheduled for 2023, the dune project is now planned to coincide with the USACE's New Pass dredging project following the significant beach erosion caused by recent hurricanes. This synchronization aims to minimize the impact of construction activities on the barrier island.

Permitting and Coordination:

We have successfully completed all necessary permitting with the relevant regulatory bodies. We are currently coordinating with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to align our construction schedule with their maintenance dredging of the New Pass navigational inlet, slated for late 2024 or early 2025. This strategic alignment promises cost efficiencies and reduced construction impacts on St. Armands and Lido Key. 

Construction is targeted to begin in early 2025. We will finalize the construction timeline in collaboration with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and the USACE.


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