Sarasota County Rental Regulations

Sarasota County Rental Regulations

What are the rental regulations in Sarasota County? Sections 5.2.3.a.1.i and 5.2.3.a..iv of the Zoning Code prohibit the rental of dwelling units more than once in a thirty day period and further prohibit the rental of less than the entire dwelling.

1. Rental of Dwelling Units in OUA, OUR, OUE, RE, RSF, RMF (not on barrier islands), RC and RMH Districts

i. Dwelling units may be rented as a whole and for periods of greater than 30 days provided that a dwelling unit shall not be rented more than once every 30 days.

ii. Portions of a dwelling may be rented for periods of greater than 30 days provided that the dwelling is physically occupied by the owner during more than 50 percent of the lease term and the dwelling unit is not rented more than once every 30 days. “Owner” shall include any individual owning an interest in the dwelling as an individual and any individual owning a majority of the interests or shares of a corporation, partnership, or other business entity.

iii. The owner or managing agent of real property that is offered for rent or lease shall maintain records, including the names and addresses of the lessees, that are adequate to establish the period for which a unit is rented and the names of family members or unrelated individuals occupying the premises during each rental period. Such records shall be provided upon request to inspectors authorized by Sarasota County to enforce these regulations.

iv. Except for community residential homes, any rental or lease of a single-family residence to more than one individual and his or her family or roommates is prohibited, unless all persons residing in the single-family residence have full use of the entire residence, including the single kitchen, accessory buildings, and associated property.

v. Any attempt made to solicit, advertise, or commit the act of leasing a rental in a manner inconsistent with the provisions of this section shall constitute a violation.

2. Rental of Dwelling Units in the RMF District on Barrier Islands. Short-term rentals for periods of less than 30 days are regulated separately in the Use Table in Section 5.1.

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