The “Range of Value” Advantage

The “Range of Value” Advantage

Did you know that every home has a range of value that it can sell for based on competition and the state of the market? In addition, the market knowledge, marketing savvy and negotiating skills of your realtor greatly affect the value. In fact, the biggest expense for sellers in any market is the money they don’t make by foregoing the expertise of a professional real estate agent.

When sellers focus on saving money on commission — by selling on their own, using an inexperienced agent or using a discount broker, they end up selling near the bottom of the value range. Working with a local real estate professional who has a proven process for getting to the top of the value range is much more profitable.

The Laughlin Tanner Group puts more money in your pocket with a proven process that positions your home at the top or above the value range.

Five Steps to Top Dollar

Our job is to help you get to the top of the value range. There are five ways we do this:

  1. We walk through your property together, and we show you ways to enhance the value, so you get top dollar for it. We also coordinate and manage what needs to get done.
  2. We guide you with a pricing strategy — not pricing it too high, so you scare buyers away or too low so you leave money on the table.
  3. Our marketing plan will give you maximum exposure, so we attract more buyers and more contracts. The more buyers and contracts you have, the higher the price your property will sell at.
  4. We help you negotiate the best contract. Negotiation is an important skill in any market.
  5. We’re your transaction manager. There are a lot of moving parts between contract and closing. We handle those parts and keep the deal together, so your contract closes on time.

Only With Us

When you choose to work with the Laughlin Tanner Group, you experience elevated service like no other. We curate your home with incomparable attention to style and detail. We create a comprehensive and customized plan for your home that includes staging, photography, video, 3D tour and an immersive marketing plan that drives more eyes, more “likes” and more value for your home.

We welcome the opportunity to present you with a custom marketing program for your property.

Work With Us

The Laughlin Tanner Group stands out as an exceptional team, leveraging their diverse backgrounds and ample expertise to offer a genuine perspective honed through years of success. They are readily available to provide valuable market insights making their wealth of knowledge accessible to you.

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